KaraFun Player Control API

General information

Communications between your software and KaraFun Player are made through TCP WebSockets. A socket server is running at all time when you have an active subscription in KaraFun Player (which must be started and running) and listening on port 57570 by default. Your software must behave like a socket client and send actions (see the list below) and messages to KaraFun Player.

  • Volume values are between 0 (muted) and 100 (full volume)
  • Time and duration values are in seconds (can be float)
  • Colors are in HTML format #RRGGBB

List of actions

Get player status

<action type="getStatus" [noqueue]></action>
Reflect the current state of KaraFun Player. no queue allows not to send the queue status.

Response to getStatus

<status state="{player_state}">
    <general caption="{caption}">{volume}</general>
    [<bv caption="{caption}">{volume}</bv>]
    [<lead1 caption="{caption}" color="{color}">{volume}</lead1>]
    [<lead2 caption="{caption}" color="{color}">{volume}</lead2>]
   <item id="{queue_position}" status="{item_state}">

<volumeList> general is always included, disabled volumes are not included
<queue> item count is limited to 100 (approx 5 hours of queue!)

player_state possible values :

  • idle
  • infoscreen
  • loading
  • playing

item_state possible values :

  • ready
  • loading

Get the list of catalogs

<action type="getCatalogList"></action>
List currently available catalogs. Queue, history and tree structure are not included.
type possible values :

  • onlineComplete
  • onlineNews
  • onlineFavorites
  • onlineStyle
  • localPlaylist
  • localDirectory

Response to getCatalogList

  <catalog id="{unique_id}" type="{type}">{caption}</item>
  <catalog id="{unique_id}" type="{type}">{caption}</item>

Get a list content

<action type="getList" id="{list_id}" offset="{offset}" limit="{limit}"></action>
List the songs of a catalog
Default limit is 100

<action type="search" offset="{offset}" limit="{limit}">{search_string}</action>
List the songs of a search
Default limit is 100

Response to getList/search

<list total={total}>
  <item id="{unique_id}">

Audio control and transport

<action type="play"></action>
<action type="pause"></action>
<action type="next"></action>
<action type="seek">{time_in_seconds}</action>
<action type="pitch">{picth}</action>
<action type="tempo">{tempo}</action>

Volume management

<action type="setVolume" volume_type="{general|bv|lead1|lead2}">{volume_between_0_100}</action>
You can find the currently available volume types from the getStatus query

Song queue management

<action type="clearQueue"></action>
<action type="addToQueue" song="{song_id}" singer="{singer_name}" >{add_position}</action>
<action type="removeFromQueue" id="{queue_position}"></action>
<action type="changeQueuePosition" id="{old_position}">{new_position}</action>

song_id and queue_id are unique
singer is optional in addToQueue query
position possible values :

  • 0: top
  • 1...n: specific position
  • 99999: bottom