“Dear KaraFun” - How do I save key and tempo of a song?


How do I save the key and the tempo of my songs for my next karaoke session?
Stefan - Germany


Saving key and tempo allows you to sing your favorites exactly like you want them without having to make changes each time. It's easy after a few simple steps and depends on the application you are using.


  • Android, iPhone or iPad: Click on Settings > Playback > Meine Einstellungen für jeden Track speichern.
  • Mac: Click on the menu bar of your device then KaraFun > Preferences > Meine Einstellungen für jeden Track speichern.
  • Windows: Add a song to any playlist then click on the song and you will notice key and tempo box just under the video portion of the Player. Changing the key and tempo here will save your preferences for the next time.

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