10 original ideas to organize a unforgettable Halloween party

You want to celebrate Halloween in a unique way this year? You are all set: it will be terrifying and music-themed! Here are 10 original ideas to throw an unforgettable Halloween party.

1. The proper way to kick off a horror movie night

How about starting with a good old flick from the Ikea school of acting? You know the type, those films that are so preposterous they’re actually funny… Well, guess what? the horror movie genre is full of them! It’s Halloween! Go ahead and dust up those oldies from your favorite online video platform to find these cursed little gems.

Let’s add a musical to the mix and we get movies like The Rocky Horror Picture Show, a film that needs no introduction. You haven’t seen it yet? Get a hold of the movie and the soundtrack.


2. Organize a spooky karaoke

Are your guests screaming? Nope. They’re just singing! Whatever the occasion, karaoke engages, brightens the mood and it can even reveal hidden talents. Make sure to prepare your playlist, it’s really important, especially if you want to urge your guests to get off the couch and give it their all.

No time to prepare a playlist? No worries, we’ve got you covered with our special Halloween playlist.


3. Learn the “Thriller” choreography

Monologue, evil laugh, and quality Bollywood imitation, those are the choice ingredients to turn your Halloween night into a potential viral video. You’ll have some good memories to share but also some stuff on your guests… This could always come in handy.


4. Get your hands on a theremin

This sound that is so easily recognizable in horror movies, especially those in which aliens attack our planet, like in Mars Attacks!. It’s the sound of a theremin, an instrument created in the early 20th century by a Russian called Leon Theremin. The instrument was designed to imitate the sound of the human voice and you can still find professional theremin players today. Fun fact : it’s the only musical instrument on earth that requires no physical contact between the instrument and the performer!


5. Sweat underneath your costume with John Carpenter

You’re in love with the 80’s and their frenzied synthesizers? Unleash your inner monster and dance! From the classic “Nightcall” by Kavinsky to the most ferocious tracks of Carpenter Brut, we’re combining horror and surrender.


6. Have a horror story contest

Small budget, large impact. A flashlight and a special playlist will do just fine to give your Halloween night the spook factor it deserves. This creative exercise can also take place as a game with imposed themes.
It’s up to you whether you’re able to tell the story of the haunted microwave.


7. Discover the sweet anguish of Dusty Springfield

In her 1967 song “Spooky”, Dusty Springfield uses lyrics that would fit any Halloween playlist that contrast with an instrumental section that is more reminiscent of jazz and bossa nova.
That is one way to make your Halloween party both chic and spooky, are you in?


8. Do a blind test of the best Halloween songs

To scare your guests and share your musical knowledge with them, there’s nothing quite like a good old blind test, except this time the theme is Halloween music, the songs mentioned here just like in our playlist should be a good starting point!


9. Make your friends travel in just one Halloween night

Every year, New Orleans celebrates Halloween in the most soulful way possible, and with music. With traditions such as blues and voodoo around the region, blues songs that draw their inspiration from these two styles are born each year in October. To set the mood, you could do worse than starting with a classic, "I Put A Spell On You" by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, here in the version performed by Annie Lennox. If you travel a bit further South, you’ll be able to celebrate the dead at the Día de los Muertos. The musical tradition associated with this event blends Native American and Latin music, you’ll be able to wear your most beautiful sombreros. It’s worth noting that in Mexico, this festival takes place in November, so you’ll have to wait a few weeks if you want to see the real thing.


10. Take advantage of the Stranger Things soundtrack

There’s nothing like the heyday of Stephen King’s books to make people come to an agreement, and very few audiovisual works have managed to capture its substance quite like the Netflix series. Songs like “Never Surrender” by Cory Hart or “Workin' For A Livin'” by Huey Lewis and the News combine pop fright and synth-pop to create an atmosphere that is both dynamic and fit for a Halloween party.


You’re all set to organize a Halloween party full of surprises!


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