Karaoke Songs for Kids

Musical TV talent shows are multiplying and giving promising artists all around the world a chance to shine. Their popularity exposes a wider phenomenon: singing fascinates aspiring artists from a very young age, and they start practicing their passion ever earlier in life.

Lots of kids dream about being the next pop star and taking the stage when they grow up. Kids tend to embrace the karaoke experience effortlessly because it’s fun, they can sing their favorite songs, practice learning all the words by heart, and unsurprisingly, it often comes naturally! “It comes easier than making them finish their homework!” you might hear some parents say. Karaoke can help them develop their own musical tastes, share with friends and classmates and generally have an ear for a tune.

We made a selection of karaoke songs for kids, with high energy, positive messages and age appropriate content. Hand them the microphone, we're sure they are going to love it!

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