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Mit Selfies werden Ihre Karaoke-Partys noch lustiger!

The evening's in full swing, your guests are having a great time, there's singing, bursts of laughter, loud voices... up until the moment when your singing partner jokingly exclaims, "You should see the look you make when you sing!"

“Well" you retort happily being the seasoned KaraFun user that you are, "let me take a selfie and I'll see for myself!"

Meet KaraFun's selfie feature: available on any of our karaoke applications, this photo option guarantees even more fun and laughs at your next karaoke party! Share your photos and selfies for the benefit and amusant of all your party guests by sending them directly to the TV or big screen. Don't fret, your karaoke singing won't be disrupted since the photos discreetly slip into the background and the lyrics of your favorite songs continue to scroll across the screen. Sharing the photos is easy, the only complicated thing is keeping a straight face while you're singing and your friends' faces splash across the full screen!

Best of all, continue the magic of your karaoke party by sharing the photos between guests. Anyone can access or download any of the picture's sent to the big screen and share them on Facebook, Instagram or the social media channel of your choice.

How to access the selfie feature?

1. The KaraFun Remote Control feature must first be activated. Activating this feature allows your party guests to get access to the selfie option from their smartphone or a tablet. The Remote Controm feature connects to get access to the main device on which the KaraFun application is installed and playing karaoke. To activate the Remote Control feature, go to the Settings menu if you are using the mobile application, or if you use the software on your computer, you'll find it at the bottom left column of your screen.

2. Scan the QR code from your that appears on the primary KaraFun device or on the big screen using an application dedicated to this (there are many applications that are free to scan QR codes via the App Store for iPhones and iPads or on the Play Store for Android). Once connected to the Remote Control Feature, you can add your username, change key or tempo and other permissions if these permissions have been activated from the main device.

4. Take pictures by pressing the camera icon displayed at the top via the remote control feature. Anybody who is connected to the Remote Control Feature can do the same. If you are camera shy, other features are available to you thanks to the KaraFun Remote: you can browse all karaoke songs in the catalog, control the volume of tracks that are playing, add favorite songs to the playlist or vary the volume or key and tempo of any songs (here is more about it:

5. When the party's over, all of the photos taken during the party can be found on your KaraFun account (, in the My Party tab. You'll find the pictures you sent to the big screen as well as those of your guests!

6. Download any of the photos, those of just you or all of the pictures. You can also directly share these photos on social media.

Got questions, need help or having an issue? Don't hesitate to contact the KaraFun Team.

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